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November 03, 2014
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    How many times do you pick up your toothbrush in a day?  Once, twice, three times?  Did you know that Dr. Komyathy recommends that everyone brushes and flosses at least twice a day?  What else do you know about the toothbrush?

    The toothbrush has changed many times throughout the years, ranging from chewing sticks, to hard-bristled brushes, to the electric toothbrushes we know today.   Did you know that French dentists were the first people to promote toothbrush use to their patients?  This happened in the late 1600s.  Nearly 300 years later, the toothbrush was deemed the world’s best invention. 

    Dr. Komyathy recommends using the Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush and the Sonicare Air Flosser.  These products are great for all ages.  There are special settings for sensitive teeth, and the bristles are gentle on gums.  Be sure to ask Dr. Komyathy and his staff about what toothbrush is best for you!  Schedule your appointment by calling 517-347-0034. 

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